Education tool for correcting all wrong norms in the society – Prof. Abonyi

An education enthusiast, Prof. Okechukwu S. Abonyi has described education as a tool for correcting all wrong norms in the society. The professor made this known at the 2nd National Conference organized by the Department of Educational Foundation, Faculty of Education held at the University Auditorium.

In a welcome address, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, FAS represented by the DVC Admin, Prof. Carol Arinze Umeobi congratulated the Department for organizing the Conference and called on other Departments to do so as well. Prof. Umeobi stressed that the Theme of the Conference “Education for Wholesome Development in Nigeria”, will go a long way in addressing the issues bedeviling the educational sector.

The Professor of Law further opined that Education nurtures value, ethics, moralities and decencies because it’s a sacred place where the builders of the nations are produced. She concluded that teachers should be placed first in the country, for they are human formators.

In her welcome address, the Head of the Department, Prof. Ngozi N. Agu thanked and appreciated the Vice-Chancellor for his continuous support to the Department and the Faculty at large. She also expressed gratitude to the erudite keynote and lead paper presenters. Prof. Agu added that educationists are troubled by inconsistencies that bedeviled the system in the country stressing that education is an instrument of change and development. She called on all to brainstorm on how to create, and implement plans that will move educational system in Nigeria into a glorious height.

The keynote presenter, Prof. Okechukwu S. Abonyi appreciated the Department for organizing the conference and for choosing him as keynote presenter. He opined the principles of sustainable development in education as Society, Environment and Economy. He said that wholesome development looks at the following – general well-being, Life expectancy and Economy.  Prof. Abonyi advised all educators to work hard towards a wholesome development in education.

Highlight of the occasion was award presentation to the Dean of the Faculty and two others.

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