2016/2017 UNIZIk Course Registration Schedule

Nnamdi Azikiwe University UNIZIk Course Registration Schedule 2016/2017.

This is to inform all zikites that University Wide Course Registration commences on 16th of January, 2017 and will end on 3rd February, 2017. To this effect, all students are:

i. Expected to download the UNIZIK mobile app from


and fill in the O’ Level(s) result submitted during their year one physical clearance.

ii. The students must pay their school fees.

iii. Students are expected to go to the basement of the Digital Library to complete their course registration.

Failure of any student to complete these processes before the deadline will automatically disqualify the student from taking the Semester Examination.

According to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof. Charles Esimone, all the processes (school fees payment, filling of O’ Levels and Registration of Courses) must be completed on or before the deadline – 3rd February, 2017.

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  • Please,
    Some of us are not android phone users and as such, the app is not compatible with our phones.
    Can the app be designed for Windows Phone users? (Nokia Lumia, windows phone 8)

  • Please the latest version of the application doesn’t install it stops half way and shows app not installed please how do I rectify the situation because I need to check my results


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