Respect Public Art Works – UNIZIK Warns

Members of the University Community have been asked to stop and discourage the act of defacing public sculptural pictures, paintings and such art works by pasting bills and notice on them. These art-works strategically placed conspicuously at various points, are wrongly used as good background for placing notices of diverse kinds, which disfigure them and distort the information they are supposed to pass to the public.

Prof. Cliff Nwanna, former Head, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, extended the appeal in the course of conducting a public enlightenment and sensitization roadwork organized by the Department to mark the 2016 World Sculpture Day.

Prof. Nwanna, an authority in Creative Arts, and Sculpture Specialist said that the Department wanted to use the opportunity of the International Day declared by the United Nations Organization (UNO) to educate the Community on the culture of respect for art-works and what they represent and symbolize.

According to him, Sculptural Pieces have life of their own, derived from their special significance and therefore should not be abused and misused but protected and preserved so that they save their purpose. 24th of April every year is World Sculpture Day, during which attention is drawn to sculptural activities and benefits, derived from them.

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