Faculty of Arts Final Year Students gets Entrepreneurship Seminar

The Faculty of Arts has organized an entrepreneurship Seminar in Collaboration with Centre for Innovation and Creativity, Amawbia. The seminar was held on Tuesday, 12th of July, 2016 at the Faculty of Arts building with the purpose to empower its final year students, so as to help them face the challenges outside the University after graduation.

In his speech, the Dean of the Faculty, Rev. Fr. Prof. Boniface A.C. Obiefuna expressed his strong desire and passion to see the youth gainfully employed after their graduation. He advised them among other things to be of good behaviour and be prepared with regard to applications for job, notwithstanding that there is no readymade jobs for them.

Furthermore, he told them to be positive minded, and be ready with regard to getting their Curriculum Vitae (CV) prepared. He encouraged them to search for Jobs in the internet, Companies and Industries and also to join the network for job seekers. Prof. Obiefuna urged them to always attend Workshops, Seminars and Conferences to enable them meet people and exchange ideas.

Speaking also, the Guest speaker, Mr. Okey Nwuche who is the winner of 2012 ‘You Win’ Award and 2013 BETS Award, charged the final year students to prepare their minds as to be Job Creators and not Job Seekers. Finally, he urged them to always keep a right attitude by staying positive, focused, connected and above all trusting in God.

Present also for the seminar were three International Scholars from USA, Heads of Departments and Lecturers of the Faculty among many others.

Impacting on the educational sector through the expansion of knowledge and skill in tertiary institutionS

The need for impacting value-based education, imbibing the qualities of good conduct, self confidence, targeting strategies for improving academic value through research with the prime aim of providing highly trained manpower, able to steer a modern economy, a responsible democratic and healthy polity cannot be over-emphasized.

Value based education is a tool which not only provides a profession, but also a purpose in life. Educational institutions should bind to nurture values, scruples, ethics, moralities and decencies because it’s a sacred place where the builders of the nation are produced. There is therefore a need to inculcate the practice of crafting innovation and creative thoughts, so as to provide a friendly atmosphere that minimize conflict and rigidities.

Tertiary institutions have a large chunk of job to do in this regard. The introduction of the council for intellectual cooperation of Nigeria (COFICON), a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose objective is aimed at the furtherance of scholarship and dedicated to the expansion of knowledge and skills at all levels of the nation’s education system, particularly the universities, is one to be emulated in the fight for standard education in the country.

The cooperation which has past Vice-Chancellors of Universities has also sought to get one of the revered universities in the country, Nnamdi Azikiwe University to be part of the cooperation owing to the fact that Nnamdi Azikiwe is presently known for its research oriented quests.

A visit by executive members of the cooperation and their belief in the fact that the University bears the name of one of the founding fathers, the great Zik of Africa, gives credence to the need for UNIZIK to be at the vanguard of promoting intellectual activities, which is a solid platform for adopting conditions that would guide science and technology – driven national development strategies.

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