Chemical Engineering Holds Induction for New Students

The newly admitted students of the department of Chemical Engineering in the University have been formally inducted into the department through a ceremonial induction.

The occasion designated as “2015/2016 Induction of New Chemical Engineering Students of NAU” featured several social activities, highlights of which include: welcome addresses, speeches and remarks, introductory lectures, oath-taking, cutting of cake, presentation of merit gifts and certificates, sundry entertainment displays and refreshment organized by the leadership of the Department and that of its students’ body. The ceremony afforded the opportunity to officially expose the fresh students to what is expected of them in terms of conduct and attitudes to their academic engagement as well as what they should expect from the University in terms of knowledge and professional know-how that would make them competent chemical engineers and leaders of tomorrow.

While conducting the occasion as chairman, Head of the Department, Dr. Joseph Nwabanne, implored the students to appreciate the weight of the special privilege they enjoy by being given what they have with seriousness by studying hard for good grades and avoiding activities that could compromise their aspirations and mar their future.

In one of the lectures, Dr. victor Ugonabo, who is in-charge of examinations, took the students through the technicalities of credit load, marking and evaluation of students’ works in the University and the Department, emphasizing on honest hardwork for good grade.

According to him, conscious attendance of lectures and good attention to assignments can guarantee a second-class grade, while extra seriousness on top of that, could make a student to be in the first-class grade.

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